Sunday, January 7, 2007

Which Vitamins Help, Harm? from ABC News

For long I suspected Vitamin Supplements were kind of risky esp. the ones that weren't water solvable. (Key here is Additional Supplements) But consult your doctor and understand the daily dosage requirement for each supplements you are taking before you stop and add more. Here is an article from ABC NEWS that speaks about

Daily Dose: Which Vitamins Help, Harm?

They May Be Big Business, But Not All Supplements Will Make You Healthier


May 1, 2006 — - It's become a daily ritual -- taking pills to supplement the vitamins, minerals and enzymes in your diet.

Americans spend nearly $9 billon every year on vitamin and mineral supplements in the belief that they can help prevent disease and improve health.

No one questions the value of a daily multivitamin, and yet some experts say additional supplements are unnecessary, and in some cases may be dangerous.

For example:.............(read more at ABCNEWS)

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