Friday, June 5, 2009

No chemicals just tap water to clean - Activeion

No chemicals just tap water - Bottle costs $300

The Activeion hand-held sprayer transforms tap water into a powerful cleaner that works as well as or better than other general-purpose, commercial chemical and "green" cleaning products. Using an advanced technology, the Activeion hand-held sprayer is a general-purpose, daily-use cleaner that can be used on both hard (i.e., marble/granite and stainless steel) and soft surfaces (i.e., carpet and clothing), freeing consumers and professionals from harmful chemicals and toxins. The versatility of the product allows the user to replace many of today's most common daily-use cleaners. More video

The science of Activeion

The science that now frees you from chemicals has been used for decades in the food processing, industrial technology, and health-related industries. We’ve just taken the technology and integrated it into a sprayer for the cleaning industry.

1. Charging
A water cell applies a slight electrical charge to the tap water.

2. Transforming
The charged water passes through an ion exchange membrane, creating an oxygen-rich mixture of positive and negative nano-bubbles.

3. Cleaning
The activated water now attracts dirt like a magnet and lifts it from the surface, enabling it to be easily wiped away.

Learn how Activeion technology truly is a revolution in cleaning.

Activeion license its technology ( ec-H2O™) from Tennant Company (NYSE:TNC)- a recognized leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer world.

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