Friday, August 20, 2010

Google at 6 - What do analysts have to say about that

Here in an article in Yahoo Finance via cnbc
Remember that old saying from the 1920s retailer, John Wanamaker? He knew half his ad budget was wasted, now if only he knew which half. Google promised to change all that.
Instead of focusing ever harder on its core-providing smarter search results and better-tailored ads for what you're looking for, thereby boosting the only real revenue stream the company has-Google has wanderlust.
Goes on to compare it to Sun Microsystem Read More evaluate Google Moat and found the following
For a company in a constantly evolving industry, Google has a surprisingly sustainable series of competitive advantages over its peers. Read more about the Moats analyzed (namely Intellectual property rights. Customer switching costs, The network effect, Cost advantages)

Mark Hulbert: An exclusive Google birthday party Hulbert Financial Files - MarketWatch
Mark Hulbert warns it's a mistake to assume other tech IPOs will see the same level of success.

Charlie Rose - On the growth of Google with Chris Anderson of 'Wired,' Michael Copeland, senior writer for Fortune and Jessica Vascellaro of 'The Wall Street Journal'

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