Sunday, December 3, 2006

0009 Non-Profit Organization and Google (.org)!

An email lead me to these websites of two impressive non-profit organizations and . Former a unique organization out of Washington DC does quite impressive work and got a different approach.

I have reproduced from their website some of Ashoka's central beliefs- mission, vision & theory :-

Ashoka's job is to make "everyone a changemaker." To help create a world where everyone has the freedom, confidence, and skills to turn challenges into solutions. This allows each person the fullest, richest life. And a society so constituted will evolve and adapt faster and more surely than any other: Each person, rather better than the body's white blood "attack" cells, courses though society spotting challenges and then conceiving and putting in place the next, better step…


Ashoka envisions a world where Everyone is a Changemaker: a world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, and where each individual has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change.


Ashoka strives to shape a global, entrepreneurial, competitive citizen sector: one that allows social entrepreneurs to thrive and enables the world’s citizens to think and act as changemakers.

If you want to read more or better watch more about this organization watch the Remarks by Google’s Sergey Brin, Anousheh Anasari (first women space tourist), Bill Drayton (founder of Ashoka) and others in celebration of Ashoka’s 18 new Fellows, on You Tube

So what’s Google doing in all this check out this link to read more about Google’s philanthropic arm has invested in Planet Read, a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve literacy by adding subtitles to Bollywood films and videos of popular folk songs, providing an easy way for Indians with limited literacy skills to practice reading. (from click to read more)

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