Friday, December 29, 2006

0015 Shopping Search Web 2.0: Helpful websites for the future

Good/Interesting website (web 2.0)

WikiMapia is a Web 2.0 project to describe the whole planet Earth. It was created by Alexandre Koriakine and Evgeniy Saveliev, inspired by Google maps and Wikipedia. Like Wikipedia individuals get to identify landmarks that matter to them and help increase the total information available on a map.

Interesting ideas, blogs and website on enhancing you online shopping experience

It’s the first true visual search engine, where the contents of photos are used to search and retrieve similar items. They believe that there are literally millions of items that are difficult to describe via text-based search and where individual tastes are all over the map -- think of your favorite pair of earrings or shoes and what an ordeal it can be to find something new but in a similar style. utilizes our Likeness Technology™ to create a digital signature that describes the photo's contents and enables a more accurate search for similar looking items and products. Their initial launch focuses on handbags, jewelry, shoes, and watches - allowing users to search and purchase items from thousands of leading and boutique brands. They will very quickly add clothing and a number of other aesthetically oriented product categories.

Featured as the 50 coolest website for 2006 and 2005 in TIME magazine, this company sells shoes and handbags with total sales for 2005 at $ 370 Mil and projected to hit $600 Mil in 2006. Need more convincing? Then check out their brand list. is fast and easy to use whether you are researching what to buy or simply deciding whom to buy it from.

One of the best shopping blog. Here is some about the blog from their website “Mighty Goods is a shopping blog that’s updated five days a week. We spend a great deal of time finding and posting things we love. These aren’t just any old things, these are exactly the right things. They will brighten your eyes, match your couch, and fix the annoying problem that’s been bothering you. They will make you want to fortify the economy with your purchasing power.”

Founded in 1996, Shopzilla is a leading comparison shopping service. The company's mission is to enable shoppers to quickly and easily find compare and buy anything, sold by virtually anyone, anywhere. Each month, Shopzilla connects millions of consumers with thousands of stores. In June 2006, Shopzilla attracted over 18.9 million unique visitors according to ComScore. Shopzilla also operates the BizRate consumer feedback network that collects millions of consumer reviews of stores and products each year. Featured as the 50 coolest website for 2006 in TIME magazine.

Boddit makes it simple for you to discover deals for what you want by aggregating deals from a huge selection of bargain hunting websites.

Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what's great (and not so great) in your world. You already know that asking friends is the best way to find restaurants, dentists, hairstylists, and anything local. Yelp makes it fast and easy by collecting and organizing your friends' recommendations in one convenient place.

Intuition has become known as the hottest boutique in Hollywood. Catering to celebrities and Hollywood wives ... Intuition continues to set the trends and offer the next "Must-Haves." A general store for fashionistas ... customers come to depend on its one-stop shopping ... everything is there ... a spot to find your favorite tee shirt, the best fitting jeans and the next "it" handbag ... You can always find the Next Big Thing at Intuition

Looking for independent art and design, picked by mighty goods as an interesting website, here is a website that might satisfy you needs. Here is what this website is all about Elsewares is Ryan Deussing and Audrey Aponte (in Brooklyn) and a network of designers, enthusiasts, and collaborators that spans the globe.

We have lots of cool stuff for you to buy, plus: 1) We’re passionate about design — We go to extraordinary lengths to find unique, high-quality products we feel good about selling. 2) We care where things come from and how they’re made — Many of our products come from individual artisans, but we also endeavor to work with and buy from manufacturers and vendors who respect worker rights and the environment. 3) We do more than just make money — We make a concerted effort to encourage creative business practices, support cottage industry, and keep corporate hegemony at bay.

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade. Etsy lets you shop by color, place, time and material.

Winner Webby Awards people choice 2006 for blog and culture. Wikipedia got this to say about this website. Cute Overload is a website created by Megan Frost. It is essentially a blog consisting of photos, either found on the internet (often on Flickr streams) or submitted directly to Frost, of "cute" animals. The website has created "rules of cuteness" such as "Rule #17: Have a teeny tiny tail" or "Rule of Cuteness #7: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute".

There is also links to things you can buy from the so called cute pictures you see.


This is a blog on blogspot and describes itself as “Giving ugly animals their day in the sun. We avoid the simply tragic, diseased, or maimed. Rather, these creatures are only as hideous as nature - or their owners - intended.”

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