Saturday, April 7, 2007

Travel Deals website

New York Times has this interesting article about how companies are mining through travel data to find travel deal. Sifting Data to Uncover Travel Deals sites the following website.


contacto said...

Check also a site called Trabber. Quite nice UI and very useful to find the best air fares. Here is the address -

Spaceinthecity said...

Interesting website Trabber Here are the people behind Trabber

and some history about them


This project has evolved since its beginning.

The initial project was to develop a search engine over SMS that allows a user to find the best deal for a flight from anywhere using an SMS.

Later on, we decided to build a search engine for brick&mortar travel agencies, this time via web and reusing the search engine spider. This specialized search engine was successfully used by several Spanish agencies.

In the middle of 2005 we decided to open the search engine to everybody and Trabber was born.

Like most of you, we really enjoy travelling.