Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Depot:

1st Quarter (quarter ended May 3rd)
44% increase (reason fewer one charges)
$514 million (30 cents a share) compared with Q1 2008 of $356 million (21 cents a share)
Adjusted profit 35 cents a share down from 41 cents a year earlier. The results from the period a year ago included $543 million in charges related to store closings and the shrinking of growth plans.(nytimes.com)
Q1 sales dropped 10 percent to $16.18 billion the results still beat analysts’ forecast of $15.86 billion.
Analysts poll by Thomson Reuters
Q1 Predicted earnings of 29 cents a share.
Full Year - $1.35 on sales of $65.03 billion
Other Matrix
Same Store Sales fell 10.2 % (US down 8.6 %)
Number of transaction in Q1 fell 1.3%
Average bill dropped 8.2% to $52.67
Forward looking Company Guidance for the year 2009
9% drop in sales
7% drop in Profits
Sames store sales drop between 9 % and 6% drop. (high single digit).

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