Friday, May 29, 2009

New E Readers' - Kindle take note

New E Reader Amazon Kindle alternative

Watch this report on Cool-er Reader by David Pogue.

Coolreaders specification click here

Alexander Wolfe in his blog did make a good point

The deal is, ebook competitors can come up with platforms which slice bread and take you out dancing. It won't matter. Amazon has become the iTunes of the electronic book world, and its competitors are destined to fates comparable to those of the iPod's mp3-player alternatives. Namely, miniscule market shares.

But this new product, which already is making buzz in the electronic world, is more about the technology than the content in its library. Plastic Logic has made a reader using plastic screen thereby reducing weight. Hopefully Amazon can incorporate it in the next version Kindle 3.0.
Here is what Technology Review wrote about this new product

The company hopes to carve out a niche with its touch-based interface.

As with both the Kindle and the Sony Reader, Plastic Logic's display is built using E-ink: black and white microcapsules are suspended in a liquid and controlled using an electric charge. When a charge is applied, the microcapsules assume their position and form black text on a white background. However, in Plastic Logic's reader, the E-ink is deposited on a lightweight plastic backplane instead of on a glass backplane. Plastic Logic says that the plastic backplane allows for a larger reading area without adding more weight or bulk, and this makes the device more robust.

Plastic Logic hopes to further distinguish its reader from Amazon's Kindle and the Sony Reader by targeting those who read business documents created using Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, as well as image files and standard e-reader files. The goal is to eliminate "the huge stack of papers that people take with them when they travel," says Glass. Many people need to sort through thousands of documents quickly, he adds, and want to mark them up by circling or underlining items or by adding notes.

Watch Video from MIT Tech Review website.

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