Thursday, May 21, 2009

Phil Fed Business Outlook Survey - Good News - NEF (Future employment)

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadadelphia, Business Outlook Survey had some good news hidden in them.

Future Employment outlook moved up 22 points to 10 from -12 last month. It was in the negative territory for the last 7 months. Future New Orders (NOF) increased to 46.7 which is above the average number since May 1968.The last time the number crossed current average was in Sep 08 (36.2).
For Data Junkies: Historical Data
Variable names and definitions for data in the following files:
bos_dif.txt, bos_dif.csv, and bos_dif.xls.
GAC     Current Activity Index                                                                                                                                                                 
NOC Current New Orders
SHC Current Shipments
UOC Current Unfilled Orders
DTC Current Delivery Time
IVC Current Inventories
PPC Current Prices Paid
PRC Current Prices Received
NEC Current Employment
AWC Current Average Workweek
GAF Future Activity Index
NOF Future New Orders
SHF Future Shipments
UOF Future Unfilled Orders
DTF Future Delivery Time
IVF Future Inventories
PPF Future Prices Paid
PRF Future Prices Received
NEF Future Employment
AWF Future Average Workweek
CEF Future Capital Expenditures

All of the data are diffusion indexes.

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